A Charitable Fund - Krishtop Foundation Began to Work by Assisting Creative People.

A charitable fund- Krishtop Foundation presents its website www.krishtop.org.

Krishtop Foundation fund was founded by a billionaire Vladislav Krishtop - creator of an investment fund Second Working District and a company Konstruktor.

The fund is to provide financial assistance and consulting support to talented people in the scientific and creative environment (scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, and others) who are in a difficult situation, regardless of their place of residence.

Consulting support by the funds community of experts will address the issues of business development and legal assistance, affecting the infringement of intellectual rights, overcoming the artificially created bureaucratic obstacles, etc.

As well as, young talents and unconventional thinking people up to 21 years of age, from any country who have reached high results in their field, the Fund will award annual prizes. In September 2016, first awards are planned in the following categories:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Scientist/ Inventor

In one of many interviews, the founder of the fund Vladislav Krishtop said: "Entrepreneurs must first believe in themselves and appreciate their abilities, believe that they can do wonders." This belief in themselves and the ability not to give up even in the most difficult situations- is the basic strategy of personal success and belief in the correctness of the chosen path. 

To learn more about the fund email at help@krishtop.org or visit the website at www.krishtop.org.

About the Founder

Vladislav Krishtop is the founder of an investment company Second Working District, a charity fund Krishtop Foundation, and a creator of the Creative Environment www.konstruktor.com. According to experts Vladislav Krishtop's capital is worth more than $2 billion, making him one of the youngest billionaires in the world and #1 in Russia among successful businessmen - billionaires up to 40 years of age. Vladislav Krishtop was born in Uralsk, Kazakhstan. In 2005, he received an MBA from ANE. In 2014, he studied at Stanford University (business program).


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